VALERIE HALAS design is a full service interior design and architecture studio based in Bexley, Ohio.  We have over 15 years of experience designing and managing residential and commerical interior renovations in Bexley, OH, NYC, Chicago and across the globe.


Before we start designing your space we develop a program to understand your needs  and how you want to live, work, and entertain in your space. Then, we conceptualize, and actualize the interiors of a given space through the process of sketching, concepting, and 3D drawings.  Once the program and layout is set we get to the exciting phase of pulling together all of the materials - finishes, lighting, plumbing, hardware and furniture,  all of the special items that become the finished space.


Prior to starting VALERIE HALAS design, Valerie began her career in contract design for fashion and lifestyle brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan and high-end residential projects in NYC. 

Later, Valerie was commissioned to design residential projects in Westlake, OH and Big Run, PA. and was asked by the Africa Schoolhouse Foundation to oversee the construction of a primary school complex that she collaborated on designing for the Not for Profit. 

Valerie next merged her skills in research and design by leading user focused design strategy projects in Chicago.

Currently she is using her research and design skills on residential and commercial renovations in Bexley, OH where she resides with her husband and two children.


Undergraduate degree :

Interior Architecture mi. Art HIstory

Kent State University

Masters Degree:

Social Anthropology

University of London